Lyme disease maps USA & IL

USA and IL Lyme disease maps CDC - Interactive Maps - Lyme Disease
Photo Credit: CDC Interactive Lyme Disease Map

Click the links below to see the distribution of Lyme disease cases over 10 years. CDC - Cases by State - Lyme Disease Oct 29, 2012 –

Reported cased of Lyme disease by state or locality, 2002-2011† ... for all years except most recent; ∗confirmed cases per 100,000 population ... CDC - Geographic Distribution - Ticks - Centers for Disease Control ... Jul 26, 2012 Geographic distribution of ticks that commonly transmit disease. Provided by the U.S. ... Questions & Answers

Tickborne Diseases Abroad ... Parasite Prevalence Maps | CAPC Vet CAPC Recommendations • Parasite Prevalence Maps • Expert Articles • CAPC Partnership Program • Resource Library. Parasite Prevalence Maps ... Choose: Tick-Borne Disease Agents … Lyme … Dogs … then click on your state twice to see level of county reported cases Questions: 1. Why would human and dog maps for lyme disease differ? 2. When you look at state maps, note how many counties from which there is no data at all. Is this just due to lack of awareness about lyme disease?

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