Thursday, April 11, 2013

Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest Fundraiser

Only 4 Days Left to Help

I am trying to raise money to help the states with the WWP protests. Since we are entirely a grassroots project, with no backing of a 501C, it has been difficult to come up with funding for basic things such as costs for fliers, electric equipment, t shirts and the basic necessities of these types of events. 

What We Need & What You Get

A couple of the states involved are doing their own fundraising, but this is intended for the states that have not had any fundraising events yet. Here is a list of basic costs some states are having trouble with.

* Equipment Rental Fees (mics and speakers)
* Permit or insurance fees
* Tshirts and bracelets
* Printing out fliers and other materials
* Shipping costs
* Rentals (tables, chairs, parks)
* Light Bulbs and Ribbons

Note: Some of these items would be willingly donated if we could get a non profit to back us by writing letters for us with their letterhead. (such as light bulbs, Ribbons and poster board from Home Depot)

The Impact

This is the first annual Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest. This has never been done before. Over twenty countries and over twenty states are involved in this. I would like to have every state represented, even if they can not do a physical event, they can be involved by participating in the Ribbons Across America and Samantha's Project (turn your porch lights green) or the petition signing and letter writing campaigns. This protest is by the people for the people. We have designed this Protest so that there is something each of you  can do even if you are homebound. It is important that each person feel heard in this.
To read more about what your state is doing click here.

Other Ways You Can Help

* Spread the word! Helps us get the word out!
* Donate items to your state events, such as ribbons, pins, green light bulbs, lyme fliers or brochures, tables, chairs, equipment such as speakers and mics.
* Show up at your state event!
* Contact media. Click Here for More DetailsIf you would lke to contact the state leader in your state and see what kind of help they need Please Click Here 

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