Chicago Rally Plan

Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Rally / Protest - Chicago, Illinois  

Note: This is a working document and will be updated as the event evolves

30DAYS (Apr 10 - May10)
1. Form a committee to establish leaders to manage processes:  Jim Berger, Dave Marsh

2. Locations in Chicago for protest:
a. Chicago Tribune Tower, 435 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, Fri & Sat 11AM – 1:30PM
b. Daley Center Plaza, 50 W. Washington St, Chicago, IL, Sat only, 11AM – 4PM
c. Illinois State Medical Society, 20 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, Fri & Sat 11AM – 1:30PM
d. Small groups walk Michigan Ave or Millenium Park, Fri & Sat, 1:30PM – 4PM

3. Permits in process:  (check status Mon, Apr 22)
a. Chicago Dept. of Transportation:  Notifications of Public Assembly for Chicago Tribune Tower & Illinois State Medical Society- in process – times limited to 11:00AM to 1:30PM on Fri & Sat, May 10 & 11
b. Daley Center:  Application for Permit to Reserve Space on Plaza – in process time limited to Sat 11AM – 4PM

4. Networking to spread the word and gain support
a. LSN Monthly Meetings:
Wed, Mar 6, 2013 during LSN Monthly Meeting, 6:30PM Ingleside, IL
Wed, Apr 3, 2013 during LSN Monthly Meeting, 6:30PM Ingleside, IL
Fri, Apr 19, 2013 special presentation by Dr. Betty, 6:30PM, LSN Board Meeting , 6:00PM  Ingleside, IL
Wed, May 1, 2013 during LSN Monthly Meeting in Ingleside, IL
b. Inform other local Lyme Support Groups:
Tues, Apr 16, 2013, Lyme Support Group, 7:00PM, Schaumburg, IL
Wed, Apr 17, 2013, Lyme Support Group, 6:30PM Racine, WI
Sun, Apr 21, 2013, Lyme Support Group, 2:00PM Rockford, IL

5. Create a “marketing flier” for Worldwide Event - Chicago:   rough draft completed – update as soon as locations finally approved.  Have team start posting fliers and rally information once approved.

6. Protest Signs Coordinator and team begin production of signs for the rally:  charts & maps of lyme distribution for humans & dogs; chart of lyme misdiagnosis from Me, Myself & Lyme.

7. Solidify and start submitting Press Release:  rough draft Press Release ready for review – update as soon as locations finally approved.

8. Establish a T-shirt, button or ribbon design:  Lisa Hilton has taken and placed orders

9. Attendance emails and tracking sheets complete with participants names:  TBD

10. Begin submitting information to newspapers and organizations who may join our cause – update as soon as locations finally approved.
a. Update Illinois Lyme Reporting Requirements from Governor Quinn – over 5 years old
b. Update IL Dept of Public Health  Lyme Disease Info – over 5 years old
c. Illinois Public Schools
Attend Public School Critical Health Issue Conference June 4, Chicago, Normal & Springfield
Hand out Dr. Betty videos to each member  12
d. IL State/County Parks – Why is there no comparable Tick Bourne Disease notification/documentation, like the US National Parks , need help from Gov. Quinn
e. IL Public TV Stations -  7 each Dr. Betty Videos
f. IL Radio Stations -  e-mail Lyme Awarness Info to 70 each Radio Stations
g. IL Newspapers – send same info via FAX to 100 each IL Newspapers
h.  Protest Signs – 20 each reusable for other events.
i.  1 each Portable John for Daley Plaza on Sat May 11
Protest Signs – 20 each
Dr. Betty brochures/handouts for Physicians – 100 each
Dr. Betty videos 8 each for TV Stations and 12 each for Physicians/Health Board Members
Portable John @ Daley Plaza

11. Establish a Parking plan for those not taking the train:  TBD

12. Instruct each person to bring their own water:  TBD

13. Establish who is doing what the day of the protest and distribute information:  Decide during Wed, May 1 meeting

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