IL Lyme Rally Support documents

IL Lyme Rally Support documents IL Lyme Rally detail docs Folder IL Governor, US Senators & Representatives.doc (13 KB)

IL Media.xls (548 KB) IL Newspapers listing : 232 IL TV Stations listing: 28 IL Radio Stations – Targeted listing: 127 IL Radio Stations All listing: 471 IL public libraries.xls (161 KB) IL Public Libraries listing: 830 IL schools.xls (2,701 KB) Public School Districts & Schools: 4923 Special Education School Districts & Schools: 171 Vocational Technical Schools: 77 Non Public Schools: 1468 Special Education Private Facilities: 463 IL State Senate Members.doc (327 KB)

At bottom of list go to: To view a report listing contact information for all active members, click here. Lyme Disease Fact Sheet redlines.doc (344 KB) Copy of “Lyme Disease Fact Sheet” that can be redlined Lyme Disease Fact Sheet.doc (75 KB)

LymeDiseaseHlthProviderInfo IL redlines.doc (40KB) Copy of “Lyme Disease in Illinois (Information for Health Care Providers)” that can be redlined LymeDiseaseHlthProviderInfo.pdf (2,796 KB)

IL Lyme detail pdfs Folder Hilton- worldwide LD Awareness protest.pdf (356 KB)

Press_Release_Governor_HB1933.pdf (144 KB)

Primary_care_brochure_08_08 (248 KB)

ReportDiseasePoster.pdf (166 KB)

The_Need_for_Clinical_Judgment_in_the_Diagnosis_and_Treatment_of_Lyme_Disease.pdf (5,917 KB)

Nat’l Park Service & Lyme Folder Lymegen.ppt (2,264 KB)

Click on Lyme PPT National Park Service Lyme Disease.doc (32 KB)

National Park Service Tick Warning.doc (31 KB)

National Park Service Ticks Factsheet.doc (34 KB)

Preventing-Lyme-Disease_8_2010.pdf (141 KB)

Tick Management Handbook b1010.pdf (6,787 K)

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